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10 Fantasy Fights10 Fantasy Fights

10 Fantasy Fights is a free demonstration game of Merry Prankster Games latest game engine technology. 10 Fantasy Fights is a single player, party based, computer role-playing game for Microsoft Windows.


To The World Tree

To The World Tree - a small, single-player, party-based, computer role-playing game for Microsoft Windows. To The World Tree is a small game designed to demonstrate Merry Prankster Games game engine and game-making ability, and is free for your personal entertainment. Click here for the website.


Computer moderated play-by-email games - Merry Prankster Games still hosts an old version of Atlantis Project, with Atlantis source code free-for-download. Atlantis is an open-ended strategic fantasy role-playing game, where hundreds of players interact in the same world.

Merry Prankster Games formerly ran commercial games of Atlantis. We are no longer interested in running games, but we've kept a copy of the old web pages around, with information about various games of Atlantis. The old Merry Prankster Games Home Page.

Roguelike Ports

As a couple of smaller projects:

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