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Welcome to To The World Tree!

Welcome to the To The World Tree website! In To the World Tree you control first a lone adventurer, and later a party of adventurers, as they journey through a mystical world of magic, battle, and mystery, in a quest for the legendary World Tree. To the World Tree is a single-player, party-based, computer role-playing game designed for computers running Microsoft Windows. Best of all, To The World Tree is free for your personal enjoyment.

If you're new to To The World Tree, but you are hale and hearty and ready for adventure, you might want to browse over to the Info page to get more information about To The World Tree, checkout the Screenshots, or go right to the Download page to download the latest version.

If you're an experienced adventurer, you could read the News page to check for the latest To The World Tree news, head over to the Forums if you want to discuss To The World Tree, or go read the Blog for more information on the development of To The World Tree.

And last, if the magic behind To The World Tree has somehow gone awry, you might view the Support page, try reading the Forums to see if others have hit similar issues, or email ttwt@prankster.com directly.

Whatever your choice, may adventure and excitement greet you!

Latest News

To The World Tree Version 5 (Beta) Released - February 13, 2008

After months of work on the user-interface, To The World Tree Version 5 is ready for download. You can get the latest version from the Download page. Visit the Blog (this post) for details on what's new. The readme file (readme.txt) has the same information.

To The World Tree Announced as Entrant in IGF Contest - October 19, 2007

The entrants to the 10th Annual Independent Games Festival Main Competition were announced a few days ago. See the TTWT entry here: http://www.igf.com/php-bin/entry2008.php?id=140.

Older News here.

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